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Exhibition of three Korea young architects in Shanghai

2011-03-14 20:39:26   Source:Archina

Exhibition Introduction

Architecture SH presents PIN-UP: Mater of Fact, a collective exhibition of three Korea young architects. The architects will try to explain their opinion and solutions on issues of the city and society through their works. The exhibition contains a large collection of real images which show the reality of architecture in Korea nowadays.
Exhibitors Introduction

Chanjoong Kim was born in 1969, graduated from Korea University and received Master in Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Practiced at Hanul Architect (Seoul) and joined to Chan Krieger Associates (Cambridge, USA) and KSWA (Cambridge, USA) as a project architect. Currently teaching at SAKHU (Graduate School of Architecture, Kyunghee Univerity) and directing his own practice, _ SYSTEM LAB.

Kiwoong Ko (Born in Seoul, Korea, 1974) studied architecture at Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea) and Ecole d'architecture a Marne la Vallee (Paris, France) He received his Master of Architecture degree from Berlage Institute (Rotterdam, Netherlands). He has professional experience in various locations in Europe and Asia. Year 2005, he came back to Korea and started working at Mass Studies (Seoul, Korea). Year 2006, he founded his own firm, Office Kokiwoong, Seoul, Korea. His work is focusing on the design of contemporary architecture and computational geometric translation of architectural functions.

Sooin YANG, Lecturer at Columbia University | Co-director of the Living Architecture Lab
David Benjamin and Soo-in Yang created The Living as an architecture practice for open source research and development. Work is considered to be part of a broad ecosystem of design: each project is a loop of research connected to other loops created before and after it.  Recent projects have explored architecture in the context of public space, ubiquitous computing, and the environment. They involve dynamic building envelopes, constructions in highly-visible urban areas, interfaces to environmental quality, platforms for collective discussion and action, and new forms of communication with architecture.
13 March, Sunday – April 30
10am – 7pm
Opening Reception
13 March 2011, Sunday, 6:30 pm
13 March 2011, Sunday, 7:30 pm
Shanghai Study Centre
The University of Hong Kong
298 North Suzhou Road
Near Si Chuan Road
Hongkou District, Shanghai

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