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AECOM raises the water agenda for cities as a Founding Sponsor of the Singapore International Water Week

2016-07-14 16:47:35   Source:ARCHINA

AECOM is a Founding Sponsor of the biennial Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) taking place on July 10-14. This follows its similar role at the prior SIWW in 2014.


AECOM’s subject matter experts are participating as panelists and speakers in 12 sessions of the Water Convention as well as one session at the World Cities Summit and one at the Clean Enviro Summit which are taking place in conjunction. At the Water Convention, seven AECOM research and insight reports on hot issues are being shared by the authors for discussion at various related sessions. Leading the AECOM delegation are Mike Burke, Global Chairman and CEO, who is a panelist of the CNBC Debate on The Future of the World’s Waters, and Sean Chiao, Asia Pacific President who is moderating the Water Leaders Insight Session on Raising the Water Agenda for Cities.


Speaking at the CNBC Debate, Mr. Burke said that the problems are different around the world, so the solutions are neither universal nor simple. “To make a real difference requires government, communities, businesses and water providers to rethink how they plan, invest and maintain their water infrastructure. Much of the work we do at AECOM looks at three important needs: the need for more and better infrastructure, the need for alternate funding approaches to seed these improvements and the need for greater innovation to extend supply and stewardship efforts.” More than 80 percent of water, wastewater and storm-water infrastructure are conveyance and storage systems. In the last 10 years, AECOM has managed more than US$30 billion in construction of large diameter tunnels globally including for water and wastewater management.

Moderating the Water Leaders Insight Session, Mr. Chiao steered the panel’s discussion to consider the policies that have created the best outcomes for cities and the extent to which these could be replicated by other cities. Mr. Chiao put forward the idea of resilience planning citing the physical and financial impact that is still being addressed 4 years after Superstorm Sandy which struck the US Eastern Seaboard in 2012. Mr. Chiao has been instrumental in the development of a book launched earlier this year, entitled Jigsaw City, which studies the different design dynamics of some major Asian cities. “Asia is home to some of the world’s largest and newest cities. There is an opportunity as well as a critical need for all who play a part in delivering the interdependent elements of a city, to ensure these work together effectively, like a jigsaw – and nowhere more so than in Asia which is the region with the world’s fastest growth in urbanization.”

Mr. Burke added, “It is for this reason that AECOM has developed and offers a whole-systems approach to clients – which we call Design Build Finance and Operate – and which only an organization of AECOM’s scale and scope can deliver effectively.”

AECOM is involved in a number of major smart cities programmes worldwide including Singapore, China and India. Singapore International Water Week is the latest in a series of AECOM-sponsored events in Asia Pacific in 2016 aimed at engaging key protagonists in the public, private and education sectors, as well as next generations of designers, planners and engineers, on reimagining how cities in Asia Pacific can develop to meet the challenges of sustainability and enhanced quality of life. It follows events in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Sydney in various collaborations with the Asia Society and Harvard Design School, and featuring key representatives from government.

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